A few weeks ago I attended Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial’s Early Pregnancy class and I highly recommend it.

A REview Of Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial's Early Pregnancy Class

I like the format and being able to talk about early pregnancy symptoms and solutions with other mothers-to-be who are facing the same things. The time spent on diet and exercise is beneficial to all who come, not just the expectant mommas. I also like the interactive book that is handed out, it has a lot of great information and covers the whole pregnancy beyond the early weeks and trimesters.

If you are going to attend this class here is a layout of what will happen:
*you check in at the OB office desk like you would for any appointment
*you will go back with a nurse to get your blood pressure taken, do a weight check and possibly give a urine sample
*then you will return to the waiting room
*a nurse or Samantha Kauffman, RN, CCE (class facilitator) will take you to the waiting room in the Family Birth Center where you will have the class
*Susan Wente, CNM will take patients out one at a time to get heart tones and to answer any questions you may have for her

This class and appointment last around two hours. I would recommend it for any of my clients, no matter how many babies they may have had, because they may be able to share solutions to early pregnancy discomforts with new, younger mommas who need suggestions. If you are a younger momma you might find others there due around the same time as you who you can add to your support circle or group of friends.

If your provider does not mention the class to you, make sure that you ask about it at the desk when you check out and are scheduling your next appointment.