Birth and Pospartum Packages

As a doula I offer support for pregnancy, labor and birth and the postpartum period. I desire to help women in Newaygo County and West Michigan achieve the births that they desire. I am certified through DONA International.  If you have questions about packages or prices, please email me a Or you can message me on Facebook.

Pregnancy and Birth Support

Delivery at Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial~ $425 + 0.55/mileage fee for travel outside of Newaygo County

Delivery at any other West Michigan Hospital ~ $500 + 0.55/mileage fee for travel outside of Newaygo County

1-free consult to see if we work well together. If you are planning to have a spouse or other support person with you during labor, it would be nice to meet them as well at this meeting. This meeting will take place at a point of my choice. Future meetings will be planned after we decide to work together.

2- one to two-hour prenatal visits. At these visits we will: talk about how you envision your birth, pregnancy nutrition and exercise, go over your birth plan, talk about any fears you may have of the labor and birth process, talk about ways to help labor progress and whatever else you want to talk about. I can give you ideas for natural pain relief and show you positions that you may find comfortable.  My goal is to get to know you well enough that we are both working towards the same goal, the birth that you envision.

The birth and labor. I will be with you for your entire labor. I will stay for one to two hours after the birth and can help with initial breastfeeding.

1- two to three-hour postpartum visit. This visit can be used however you would like. I would like to go over the labor and birth with you and we will talk a little bit about postpartum care and baby care. After that I can do light housework, cooking, grocery shopping or childcare so you can have a break, take a nap, take a shower, go for a walk, etc. If you need help with breastfeeding I can offer support and tips.

Postpartum Support

A postpartum doula provides support at a new point in a mother’s life. No matter if this is the first child or fifth, every birth makes a new mother with new challenges and responsibilities. During the initial postpartum period, the first six weeks, it is important that you have support and encouragement. Studies have shown that women with a good support system in place have a lesser chance of developing postpartum depression. I offer two packages for postpartum support.

4- two-hour visits within the first six weeks postpartum~ $250 + 0.55/mileage fee for travel outside of Newaygo County

8- two-hour visits during the first eight weeks postpartum~ $375 + 0.55/mileage fee for travel outside of Newaygo County

Single Postpartum Hours~ $25 + 0.55/mileage fee for travel outside of Newaygo County

Like the postpartum visits in your pregnancy and birth support package these visits can be used however you would like them. I will offer breastfeeding support, do light housework so you can bond with baby, cook, run errands, offer childcare so you can rest, shower, exercise, etc.

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