VBAC Advocacy and Resources

A dream that I have is to see Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial lift it’s Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Ban. I want to see patient’s rights respected and for women to be able to birth as they choose whether it is a VBAC or a repeat cesarean, where they choose and with the support team that they choose.

After my 2VBAC I wrote a letter to the CEO of Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial telling him what I appreciated about his hospital, how the doctors and nurses treated me and what I liked about specific care providers. Here is a copy of that letter. If you have had a VBAC at Gerber I encourage you to write a similar letter to encourage the doctors who are providing care to women no matter their choice and to encourage the higher powers at the hospital to lift the VBAC ban.

September 29, 2015
Mr. Stasik,
Last week my son was born five weeks early. Since the beginning of the pregnancy we had been planning on a 2VBAC (second vaginal birth after cesarean). I choose to attempt this at Gerber because your success rates are much better than Butterworth, your offer more natural options and care than other hospitals, and I wanted to stay in my own community when I birthed my son.
I wanted to take a brief moment of your time to tell you how much I appreciate your staff in the Family Birth Center and Doctors Michele and Bayne. One of the things that I most appreciate about the doctors is that they took the time to explain all risks and benefits of each option we had. One thing that was offered when my water broke was a transfer to Butterworth because of how early my son was. However, it is important to my husband and I that we stay in our community, with the doctor who provided care during my pregnancy (Dr. Michele), where I was most comfortable, and where we knew the nursing staff. Once my husband and I made our decision, Dr. Michele respected our rights as patients and offered us the best care that was possible.
The nurses in the Family Birth center were all amazing, meeting our requests as quickly as they could. We desired a quiet room, privacy and respect for our doula and all the nurses we came in contact with made sure that those requests were met.
I am so grateful to your staff for helping our son’s birth, a successful 2VBAC, to be the beautiful moment that it was.
Rebekah Thompson

I will also be sending this letter to the two doctors mentioned and I sent it to the head of the OB floor.

Here is the address:
212 S Sullivan Ave
Fremont, MI 49412

If you are still unsure of how to word your letter here is a template that you can download and use:
template for letter for Gerber