“Rebekah was my doula for my third baby. She stayed calm and collected through the entire birth and was very flexible and supportive even when my birth plan needed to change due to some complications. My birth took a lot longer than expected, but I never felt any indication that that was a problem for her. She was with me for the long haul! I’m a midwife and have worked with several doulas….Rebekah is a great one! I would definitely recommend her :)”~Jordan Karnemaat

“Having Rebekah as my doula was the best birth plan decision I made. She was very attentive to my needs, supportive of my desires, and interacted kindly and professionally with all of the hospital staff. She also stayed in touch after I got home to make sure I was doing ok and to continue answering questions. I give five stars!” ~ Brooke K.

levi and Rebekah

“Rebekah was my doula for my sixth pregnancy and delivery. During pregnancy, we both attended a rebozo class and used support techniques during our prenatal visits. We talked about my past pregnancies and deliveries and my expectations and hopes for this one. During labor, Rebekah helped get our home and birth tub ready and offered comfort measures. She made sure my husband and I were eating and drinking throughout. After delivery, she was with me for support immediately and for visits the following day and week. Her quiet, collected nature was so comforting during the whole process. I would definitely recommend Rebekah as a doula for your next pregnancy and delivery!” ~ Kate D.

“The decision to let another person into your life for something as personal and sacred as your birth experience is not a quick decision to make. Choosing to have a doula, especially Rebekah, will be the best decision you make for your birth!
The way things went during the birth of our daughter, Annemieke, was an empowering, overflowing presence-of-God-moment that set the tone for the ongoing adventure – parenthood. We made the leap from a family of 5 to a family of 6. Rebekah will enhance your amazing adventure by helping you reach the goals you and your partner have made together. She is wonderful, very helpful, and has many resources and ideas. She is fantastic!
After giving birth to our 4 other children with epidurals and medicine I wanted to try a natural birth. Having a team that supported this decision made a huge difference. When we arrived at the hospital my water had already broken. Contractions were coming one minute apart from each other. Rebekah helped create a soothing, calm atmosphere. Throughout my short labor Rebekah encouraged me, helped with counter-pressure on my back through the contractions, offered suggestions, and knew just when to let things take their course. She kept reminding me I could do this! At 2:14 am our beautiful 7lb 9oz Annemieke was born. What a little miracle! Such an amazing experience. A total answer to prayer. I was so glad I did it and would do it again in a heart-beat.
In the end we could not imagine our birth experience without her support. We love Rebekah and would absolutely hire her again!” ~ Sarah V.

sarah and Rebekah

“Rebekah was my doula and this was my first experience. She was so helpful and supportive. Rebekah stayed with us the whole time and kept me on track. All some thirty hours. She had great ideas and she kept on coaching even through the long roller coast of labor. She even followed up to make sure we were okay when we got home. We are very blessed to have her there for the birth of our son. I would so recommend her for your doula!!!” ~ Stephanie M.

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